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Karyotyping and Fluorescence Imaging

Metafer – Versatile Imaging Automation Platform

Automation of image analysis is the core skill of MetaSystems. Based on the versatile high-throughput slide scanning platform Metafer a wide range of applications can be fully or partly automated. Metafer is used in cytogenetics, hematology, pathology, toxicology, mutation research, radiation biology, forensic sciences, and many other fields.


MSearch - The Efficient Way to Find Metaphases

Automation of metaphase finding is one of most efficient ways to improve throughput and quality in classical cytogenetics. The metaphase finder MSearch is based on the high-performance slide scanning platform Metafer. MSearch automatically finds your metaphases on any slide, and it is easily adaptable to all kinds of preparations and staining, whether Giemsa or fluorescently stained. Detected metaphases are automatically stored as thumbnail images in an overview gallery, and can be relocated by just one mouse click. Coordinates are easily transferred to any available manual microscope. The direct interface to Ikaros and Isis makes MSearch a powerful tool for convenient and fast chromosome analysis.


Automated Cell Signal Detection

Each microscopic sample is different; automation of analysis therefore demands flexibility, but is exempt from subjectivity. Metafer's unique concept provides a subtle solution: a user-trainable classifier precisely defines the analysis standards; and with the selection of another classifier the system is quickly switched to the next assay. This is the reason why Metafer can cover a wide range of applications.



VSlide is the versatile virtual slide scanner from MetaSystems. Based on the renowned slide scanning platform Metafer, VSlide combines the advantages of a motorized microscope with modern, high-quality imaging automation. Therefore VSlide is not restricted to predefined magnifications or contrasting modes. Even Z-stacks are automatically acquired, providing the possibility to virtually 'focus' through the digitized sample.

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